About the RVM Foundation Transit Home

The RVM Foundation Transit Home was founded in 1998 by RVM, a positive-life philosopher, speaker, writer and philanthropist to Make a Difference in the World through humanitarian work that would Reduce Pain and Suffering. Run by the RVM Foundation, the shelter is more than a shelter for the abandoned. This is a home and shelter for the homeless the poor and destitute people who have been abandoned or neglected by their own families.

The home endeavors to provide help and long-term care to the underprivileged, homeless children, elderly, abandoned women, and those who are physically and mentally challenged. In addition, patients who are treated at the RVM Foundation Humanitarian Hospital are often shifted to the RVM Foundation Transit Home if they require continued or extended medical attention and support. Thus far, thousands of people have been sheltered at the home. Once the residents are deemed medically and physically fit, they are transited to NGOs, rehabilitation centers and other homes that the RVM Foundation Transit Home networks with, depending on their need or the type of care required.

Some residents, however,are adopted by the foundation for life, and they will continue to be with the home as long as they live. They have nowhere to go and no one to look after them; moreover, many of them express their desire to continue to be at the home. They are happy, and they feel safe and content at the home. Such cases are regarded as “Special Cases”, and hence are “adopted”. They are considered as a part of the foundation’s extended family.

A committed and dedicated team at the RVM Foundation Transit Home that believes in service to humanity and a warm and nurturing environment hasmade the home one of the leading NGO homes in Bangalore.

Mission of RVM Foundation Transit Home

The RVM Foundation Transit Home seeks to Make A Difference in the World by Reducing Pain and Suffering. Hence, it provides free healthcare, basic amenities and looks after the needs of the suffering humanity – especially those without a family or home, the ailing, the diseased and those with physical or mental challenges.

The RVM Foundation Transit Home, located at Chikkagubbi Village is a home for the homeless and the abandoned. Some of the residents are life long residents and will continue to be at the Home as long as they live. It also rehabilitates patients treated at the RVM Foundation Humanitarian Hospital and other hospitals, providing medical care and emotional support till they recover.

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What We Do


We rescue the sick, abandoned and homeless from the streets of Bangalore. A 24/7-helpline number +91 97395 44444, helps us identify patients/individuals who are in dire need of medical care and emotional support. Our ambulances along with members of our service team pick up such individuals from reported locations. Some of our residents are also sent from other NGO homes, shelters, or even brought to the home by their families who are unable to care for them.


All those who are rescued, referred to us or brought to the home are first admitted at the RVM Foundation Humanitarian Hospital for diagnosis and free medical treatment. Whether it is general debility, surgeries, or life-threatening ailments like cancer or TB, each individual undergoes medical investigations to provide the best care and treatment possible. We leave no stone unturned to give every patient a second chance at life and happiness.


Once in our hands, all medical and emotional needs of our patients are taken care of. We provide treatment, counseling, personal attention and emotional support to the patients that pave the way for a gradual but discernable and visible transformation in them. Others are thankful for the free medical treatment and care that they received, which helped them regain their lost health, strength and hope, thereby giving them an opportunity to live a normal life again.


Once our patients regain good health, and are deemed physically and mentally fit, they are shifted to other NGO homes, whether it is a shelter for women, the elderly or for homeless children. Some are sent back to the NGO homes that they were sent from; others are sent back to their villages or homes to be reunited their families. A few continue to be with the foundation as employees or residents at the RVM Foundation Transit Home for long-term care.

Our Testimonials

I visited the RVM Foundation Transit Home around Diwali and was very moved and happy to see the good work being done by the foundation. All the residents looked happy and content. I was also impressed by the way the home is maintained and looked after. Very clean and organised. Will be visiting soon again, for sure!

Raj Mishra

Before coming to the Transit Home, I had read online about the vision and mission of the RVM Foundation and what they do. And after my visit, I really believe that the foundation is making a significant difference in Bangalore through its humanitarian work. So many abandoned people, from small children to those with physical and mental challenges have found a caring home here. Very noble work. All the best to all the team members, the staff of the RVM Foundation Transit Home!

Abhishek Pandey


1. What does the RVM Foundation Transit Home do?

The RVM Foundation Transit Home is a home/shelter for the homeless, the abandoned and the poor. It provides free medical treatment, care, support and shelter to the destitue. It is one of the leading NGOs in Bangalore

2. How can I volunteer at the RVM Foundation Transit Home?

You can come and spend quality time with our residents and spread hope, happiness and cheer. You can sponsor or make and serve meals; teach our residents simple skills; give inspirational or informative talks on environment, health or hygiene; organise and conduct events; and even celebrate festivals or special ocassions with them. Not only will you brighten their days, but brighten your own life as well. Making others happy is one of the simplest ways of being happy. More

3. Do I have to pay any membership fee to become a member/volunteer?

No, not at all. Volunteering or becoming a member/donor is voluntary and as per your time, convenience and financial capabilities. For more information, e-mail us at hh@rvm.co.in

4. Will I get a certificate if I volunteer at the RVM Foundation Transit Home?

Absolutely! You will get a “Certificate of Appreciation and Gratitude” for volunteering at the home from the RVM Foundation. In addition to this, you will get hundreds of blessings, good wishes, smiles for helping the poor and a sense of fulfilment, contentment and happiness that cannot be quantified.

5. How does the RVM Foundation Transit Home reach out to the destitute people?

The RVM Foundation Transit Home operates a 24/7 emergency medical helpline number, +91 97395 44444, that anyone can call if they see someone suffering in pain, or lying abandoned on the streets of the city or if they know of someone who is poor and destitute who needs medical care, free treatment or support. Once such a call is received and the location of the said person is shared and identified, the home sends its ambulance and service team to rescue such individuals and bring them to the RVM Foundation Humanitarian Hospital or Transit Home. The service team also visits other shelters/homes/NGOs in Bangalore to identify people who need help. Other NGOs in Bangalore, social workers and the city police also refer or bring people to us.

6. Are the RVM Foundation Transit Home employees paid for their work?

Yes, all employees of the RVM Foundation Transit Home are paid, and recognised and rewarded for their dedication and the good work that they do.

7. Will my small contribution make a difference?

Any contribution is welcome,and every contribution, however small, Makes a Difference. After all, every little drop of the ocean counts and it is these tinydrops of water that finally make the ocean the force that it is.

8. I would like view your annual report to know how you raise funds. Is that possible?

Please E-mail us at hh@rvm.co.in to view our annual report and the distribution of funds.

9. Do you organize specific campaigns to raise funds?

Yes, from time to time, we organize specific campaigns to raise funds. We create special promotional campaigns on social media to raise awareness, funds and support for our humanitarian cause. We have regular donors, both individual and corporate, who contribute regularly. Recently, a “Charity Ride”, a self-motivated bike ride across India was organised to raise funds. The Joy of Giving week in October is also a time when we organise special campaigns encouraging people to donate money to the poor.

10. Do you have a hospital facility at the RVM Foundation Transit Home?

In case any resident at the RVM Foundation Transit Home needs specific medical attention, he or she is taken to the RVM Foundation Humanitarian Hospital where free medical treatment is provided. Specialists/doctors regularly visit the home for routine clinical investigations and check ups. Medical camps are oragnised at the hometo identify and treat residents. The home also has its own attendants and nurses who look after the residents.

11. Do you look after underprivileged women? Do you give shelter to abused or abandoned women?

Yes, many of our residents are women; we give shelter tohomeless women .Some are victims of physical, verbal or emotional abuse; some are acid attack or burns survivors. A few of them battle mental ailments. Some have been abandoned and have been found in deplorable and pitiable conditions, at times with infants or sometimes alone, with diseases, open and infected wounds and symptoms of physical abuse. Read More

12. Do you work for kids? Do you have a pediatric wing at the home?

We provide a loving and a caring environment tohomeless children. There is a special children’s ward at the RVM Foundation Transit Home, which has been designed and furnished keeping the young ones and their needs in mind. Bright and full of color, with painted walls, it’s truly a home for homeless children who have been abandoned because of disease, poverty or physical and mental challenges. Read more

13. How can I contact or connect with the RVM Foundation Transit Home?

Email us at hh@rvm.co.in
You can call us on +91 97395 77777 / +91 97395 44444
You can also visit us at: Survey No. 34/2, Chikkagubbi Village, Doddagubbi Post(Near Alpha Engineering College), Bangalore 560 077, India.

14. What are the plans of the RVM Foundation Transit Home for the future?

Currently, a home to 130 residents, we hope to expand to accommodate 500 residents and upgrade our facilities and services to reach out to and help as many people as we can.